Luxury Car Rental in Nepal
It might be a passion of many people’s looks for luxury car while traveling and tour no matter everywhere in Nepal and its places focusing with offering Luxury Car Rental in Nepal we are operating services to our valuable customers. What might be the possible models, design and manufacture when word luxury is embedded in front of vehicle regardless of type whether Car or Hiace or Mini Coach.

Why there are no high-end luxury cars in Nepal?
Nepal doesn’t manufacture any four wheelers, so cent percent of four wheelers are imported from foreign country. And if you talk about road condition of Nepal it is somehow terrible and always faces the problem of traffic and narrow road. As well as there is no railways, all public transports range in between four-sitter cab to thirty-sitter bus are availables. Because of this circumstances Nepal Government tried demoralizing luxury seekers by exercising high duty and taxes on importing any kind of four wheelers in Nepal. No matter whether it is Tata Nano (Cheapest Car in Nepal) or Mercedes Benz both fall on luxury stuffs and faces high import duty and tax. Probably the cheapest car in Nepal cost at least one million rupees which is equivalent to 10K USD.

What are the luxury cars in Nepal?
Luxurious car in Nepal is another way to precede the journey into the wilderness areas of land lock country, Nepal. Adventure Himalayan circuit tenders best cars luxury which will contribute in the smooth running of escapade. When the term luxury is attached anyone get scared thinking the cost charged for Luxurious car in Nepal. You can trust on us for that matter that we are providing Luxurious car in Nepal in best cheap luxury car manner. Normally people visit us for renting Luxurious car in Nepal to accomplish blissful or business trip. Many people are generating happiness after they are getting best cheap luxury cars.

Remember there is no such remarkable difference in price in between luxury and economic car rental in Nepal. We are just trying to make a difference on practice of renting a car according to client’s preference. You can hire luxury car in Nepal with us. Feel free to Contact us